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Handling of personal information

Aica Asia Laminates Holding Co., Ltd. (referred to below as AICA) recognizes the important of personal information and makes every effort to protect its confidentiality. To gain and answer customer trust, AICA observes all applicable laws related to personal information, in accordance with the following privacy policy.

Collection of personal information
To provide the best possible service to its customers, AICA will collect personal information as necessary from customers through website content, questionnaires, electronic mail, and other means.
Management and protection of personal information
AICA will designate a person to be in charge of managing personal information, implement appropriate management, and make every effort to avoid unauthorized release. AICA implements a range of security measures to minimize the chances of unauthorized external access, loss, damage, or revision, and strives to protect personal information. AICA restricts access to databases and other repositories of personal information to specific personnel, implementing strict management protocols to prevent authorized in-house use of such information. To provide the best possible service to our customers, AICA may consign handling of personal information to third parties. In this case, a Group firm or service vendor verified to handle personal information appropriately will be selected, an agreement entered into covering the management and security of personal information, forbidding provision to other parties and requiring the implementation of adequate measures to prevent leakage, and appropriate management implemented.
Usage of personal information
Personal information collected by AICA will be used for the specific objective it was collected for, and also for promotional purposes such as notification of products or events. Provision of personal information by a customer will result in electronic mailing or other notification of information thought to be of interest to that customer. Customers who would prefer not to receive such mailings can contact AICA or our service vendor and request termination of delivery.
Provision of personal information
AICA will not disclose or provide personal information from customers to any third party other than vendors handling services for AICA under contract, without the express authorization of the customer. However, AICA will comply with requests made under law by courts, police, and other official agencies, without the authorization of the customer.
Disclosure and revision of personal information
AICA will revise or delete personal information at the request of the customer.
Maintenance of corporate compliance
AICA will ensure that all employees are aware of the important of protecting personal information in accordance with this privacy policy, and maintain and improve internal regulations to protect such information.
Direct inquires related to personal information to info@aica-al.com.